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TEFAF 2020

MECC Maastricht The Netherlands.

For TEFAF Maastricht 2020 Pierre Marie Giraud presents a curated group of contemporary artworks in ceramic, glass, bamboo, lacquer and bronze, by the artists of the gallery.

For this edition Pierre Marie Giraud highlights the work of Jean Girel, presenting a large group of artworks by the French ceramicist. Jean Girel has acquired worldwide recognition for his expertise in the Song Dynasty ceramics. His experimentations and research have led him to penetrate the secrets of the making of celadons and hare fur glazes. His mastery paired with the hazards of the kiln shows on the surfaces of his boxes, vases, and bowls. Each of his artworks is demonstrating his extraordinary expertise. Throughout his career, Girel has developed an expansive palette of colors and a spectrum of patterns and textures of which he is presenting now the latest development. His bowls, basins, and boxes take on the skin of shiny animals. Recalling iridescent scarabs, shimmering lizards and fantastic dragons, In Girel's hands, the glazes are versatile textures made for the light to play with.

Artworks by Rose Cabat, Jos Devriendt, Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye, Jean Girel, Karin Gulbran, Kazunori Hamana, Yuki Hayama, Valerie Hermans, Daisuke Iguchi, Yoshiro Kimura, Takuro Kuwata, Morten Lœbner Espersen, Kristin McKirdy, Ritsue Mishima, Jihei Murase, Ron Nagle, Barbara Nanning, Yoichi Ohira, Sterling Ruby, Laura de Santillana, Chikuunsai IV Tanabe, Jiro Yonezawa.

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